Concave Brand Tracking records Concave’s recording process involves analysts manually going through various forms of entertainment and objectively measuring Brands’ presence. every Brand’sConcave records every Brand that appears in popular media, whatever the product. Our criteria is simply that a product be distinctively one Brand over another, whether this be with a clear logo or a subtle unique pattern. So even if you are not yet a client, but your Brand has appeared in popular media, then we have data that will interest you, in regards to you and your competitors! appearanceWhether a Brand’s product is being zoomed in on or barely distinguishable in the background, Concave will record it. Of course we also record the visibility of every Brand. and mentionAs well as recording when Brands are seen we also monitor when they are mentioned. We meticulously record in what way Brands are mentioned, who they are associated with, how many times their name is repeated and most importantly, what is implied about them. in entertainment We can track songs, music videos, movies, TV shows or series, Youtube videos and even news shows.  as well as the contextsWhen we say context we mean it! As well as recording the type of presence a Brand has we record the individuals associated to it, the location they are portrayed in, the use that is made of the Brands’ product and most importantly the values that are associated to the Brand through every portrayal. All of this is still done by trained analysts and following a rigorously objective methodology. in which these occur. This data is then used to analyseWe’re good at finding and measuring Brands’ presence, but we’re even better at making sense of the huge amount of data we produce. Concave produces reports which contain the most high level as well as the most detailed results our clients want. We have an array of types of analysis, but understand our client’s needs may vary. Hence every report is tailored to exactly what our clients want to get out of our partnerships. Brands’ portrayal, both overall and in detailWhilst individual portrayals of your brand can give interesting insights or show fascinating twists to Brands, we understand that normal viewers do not pay as much attention as us! Hence our focus is truly to use our granular data to provide our clients with the big picture of how their Brand is being presented to the general public through various forms of popular media..


Our research allows global Brands to gain a uniquely analytical view of how they are being portrayed in any form of entertainment. This allows them to assess Branding efficiency Is the Brand you and your team work tirelessly on communicating to the world the same one that people see in popular media? , monitor evolution over time Our data goes back over a decade so you could already look at how things have changed over the years.  and benchmark against competitors As well as analysing how your brand is being portrayed, Concave will show you how this compares to your competitors. .


With the knowledge Concave offers, Brands can ensure that their image in entertainment matches that which they are projecting through their own marketing.


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July 12, 2017

Concave Brand Tracking ranks the top 5 product placement Brands in SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING (2017).

June 26, 2017

Concave Brand Tracking ranks the top 10 product placement Brands in TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT (2017).