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Brands in Chris Brown’s FIVE MORE HOURS

FIVE MORE HOURS features Brands such as AC Cars, DSQUARED2, Nike, Neon Energy Drink and many more.

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Chris Brown’s latest music video for his FIVE MORE HOURS (2015) collaboration with Deorro was released onto his Vevo channel yesterday, and it is filled with Brands.
As we have become accustomed with Chris Brown, we found car Brands, designer clothes as well as some flagrant product placement.

The most visible Brands in FIVE MORE HOURS (2015) were AC Cars, DSquared2, Nike, Air Jordan, Neon Energy Drink, Sol Republic and Luc Belaire. Let’s take a closer look at them:

AC Cars

The vehicle that Brown drives at the beginning and its subsequently found behind him, for the rest of the desert sequence is an AC Cobra, or at least a replica of one.

ac cobra car in five more hours

The car is shown subtly for almost a minute in the opening scene and then for over ½ a minute in the background of Chris Brown’s dance sequence. While this latter use portrays is as cool car the fact that it is breaking down initially is a rather negative depiction.

The AC Cobra is the British equivalent of the Shelby Cobra in the United States. Beyond the Branding the vehicles are almost the same.

The AC/Shelby Cobra is not a common car in entertainment though it does have a history of appearing in high profile music videos. Most recently a Shelby Cobra Replica appeared in Taylor Swift’s BLANK SPACE. If we look further back to 2012 we find Shelby Cobra 427 Replicas both in Justin Bieber’s BOYFRIEND and in PAYPHONE by MAROON 5.

ac cars shelby cars in music videos


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Throughout most of the video, Brown can be seen wearing an orange outfit made up of a sweatshirt and pair of shorts from fashion house DSQUARED2. With their logo graffitied all over the clothes, it is hard to miss the Brand.

While this is not the first time the fashion house has appeared in entertainment, they are not particularly common in music videos. A DSQUARED2 pair of sunglasses appeared in Wale’s BAD music video (2014). The Brand also had a major appearance in the 2007 music video for Fergie’s single CLUMSY.

dsquared2 in music videos


Nike and Air Jordan

No you did not miss any Jordan sneakers in the video. While Chris Brown can be seen wearing Nike sneakers at the Coachella concert, the main appearance by the two sports Brands comes in the form of the gold medallions the singer wears throughout the video.

air jordan and nike chains worn by chris borwn in five more hours

While this is a first for these 2 particular Brands, it is quite common to find jewelry of non-jewelry Brands, especially when hip-hop artists are involved.

It follows a trend in which we have seen Missy Elliot wear a Cadillac chain back in 2003 in WORK IT, Nicki Minaj wear a Barbie chain in BEDROCK (2006) and her fellow Young Money artists Lil Wayne and Mack Maine wear New York Yankees chains in EVERY GIRL (2009). Most recently Rich Homie Quan wore a Rolex chain in LIFESTYLE by Rich GANG and Rick Ross wore a Mercedes-Benz chain in SUPREME (2014).

jewelry chain brands in music videos


Neon Energy Drink

In the party bus sequence one of the female extras can be spotted holding a Neon Energy Drink can. This is the first time Concave Brand Tracking has recorded an appearance by this Brand in any form of entertainment. A bit of digging shows that is a young Brand owned by Altairia, which was recently acquired by ViSalus.

neon energy drink in five more hours

With only 12.4K Twitter followers and under 3.5K Facebook likes on page they are evidently as small Brand but are hoping to get some serious exposure with this clear case of product placement.

They will however have to compete with the numerous other energy drink Brands out there, many of which have also appeared in music videos.

Arguably the most famous energy drink Brand, Red Bull, recently appeared in Ne-Yo’s COMING WITH YOU (2015) and the Neuro Brand has appeared in multiple Jason Derulo videos. Lesser known Brand Jaguar Energy Drink appeared in Fergie 2014 single L.A.LOVE while CJ’s Over & Over drink appeared in PSY’s 2014 collaboration with Snoop Dogg HANGOVER.

energy drink brands in music videos


Sol Republic

Once Chris Brown arrives at Coachella he joins Deorro on stage. The DJ is seen wearing Sol Republic headphones behind his decks. While the Brand only gets 6 seconds of screen time, its logo is seen and it is portrayed as a professional DJ headphone Brand.

sol republic doerro in five more hours

Sol Republic tied Sony to be the 3rd most common headphones Brand in 2014. They trailed Monster and of course, the juggernaut of music video product placement, Beats by Dre.

headphones in music videos

While Sol Republic does not get nearly as much exposure as Beats by Dre in music videos overall, it is clearly attempting to differentiate itself as a professional DJ Brand, rather than an all-around cool Brand. As well as having him as a Brand ambassador, Sol Republic has appeared in Steve Aoki’s DELIRIOUS and BORN TO GET WILD 2014 music videos, The Chainsmokers 2014 hit #SELFIE and most recently in Afrojack’s WHAT WE LIVE FOR (2015). Not only do these appearances link the Brand with some of the world’s biggest DJs but they are often shown used professionally by DJs in the videos.

sol republic in music videos

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Luc Belaire

Finally, while performing on stage, Chris Brown pops a few bottles of Luc Belaire sparkling wine. Before being sprayed over the public the bottles are clearly shown in both a full-on close-up and an obvious shot in front of Deorro.

luc belaire in five more hours

While not actually a champagne, Luc Belaire is still used as such and is portrayed as glamourous and cool as is associated with fame and Brown’s musical performance.

The Brand is championed by Miami rapper Rick Ross. His latest publicity stunt for Luc Bealire was to send a huge shipment of the sparkling wine to eventual winner of the boxing “fight of the century”, Floyd Mayweather.

Luc Belaire also appears frequently in music videos, mostly those with Rick Ross in but also some without, such as FIVE MORE HOURS (2015). The pink and black bottles appeared along with Ross in Chris Brown’s NEW FLAME video as well as Rick Ross’ SUPREME (2014) video. Luc Belaire also appeared in Meek Mill’s video for I DON’T KNOW (2014) and Ace Hood’s 2013 video BUGATTI. Most recently though, Rick Ross wore a Luc Belaire Branded jacket in his latest video PHONE TAP (2015).

luc belaire in music videos


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So as usual, Chris Brown’s video gives us plenty of Brands, ranging from cars, to clothes, to alcohol, but there are some notable absentees. Firstly, none of Chris Brown’s affiliate Brands – whether Zing Vodka or his Black Pyramid clothing label – appeared in the video. Secondly he chose to drive an AC Cobra, a vintage British car, over a more flashy Brand such as Lamborghini. He is known to often drive the Italian sports car Brand and has had them in his music videos as far back as 2011 in LOOK AT ME NOW  and as recently as his last video, AYO (2015).

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