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IWC missing in House of Cards S4

Despite season 4 of HOUSE OF CARDS having the most Brand exposure of the entire series, one major Brands was evidently missing: IWC.

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Despite season 4 of HOUSE OF CARDS having the most Brand exposure of the entire series, one major Brand was evidently missing: IWC.

IWC is the Swiss manufacturer of every single watch worn by Kevin Spacey in the first 3 seasons of the Netflix Original series. As reported by Concave last year, IWC not only appeared in every single one of the first 39 episodes of HOUSE OF CARDS, it did so usually for well over minute. It was, in fact, the most consistently present Brand alongside Apple. That is, until season 4.

IWC watches watch kevin spacey in house cards

In season 4 of HOUSE OF CARDS, IWC had a single appearance in episode 7 / Chapter 46 during a flashback to a night that took place in season 1. In this instance, Kevin Spacey was wearing an IWC Portofino Chronograph, his usual choice when wearing a tuxedo.

iwc watch in season 4 of house of cards kavin spacey

IWC has not only been highly associated with Frank Underwood but also with Kevin Spacey himself. Indeed, the actor was a longtime friend of IWC and its was clearly him and his stylist who brought the Brand into the HOUSE OF CARDS universe. However, for a reason that we are not yet aware of, IWC all but disappeared in season 4, with only 19 seconds of screen time in the aforementioned flashback vs. over 25 minutes in each of the past 3 seasons. The only consolation for IWC is that Frank Underwood did not wear a different Brand but rather went without a watch in season 4.

With IWC virtually gone, Cartier was the most visible Brand watch in season 4 of HOUSE OF CARDS, worn by Robin Wright as Claire Underwood. Breitling remained present as worn by Michael Kelly as Doug Stamper. Victorinox was worn by both Derek Cecil and Paul Sparks as Seth Grayson and Thomas Yates, respectively. Tag Heuer was worn by Mahershala Ali as Remy Danton and Nathan Darrow as Edward Meechum. Rolex was worn by Molly Parker as Jackie Sharp.

top watch brands in season 4 of house of cards

tag heuer victorinox cartier in house of cards season 4

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