Why Concave

Concave Brand Tracking is the only market research company in the world to specialize exclusively in recording​ and analyzing brand’s product​ placement presence and portrayal​ in entertainment.


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About us

Concave Brand Tracking collects data in a unique way, both in terms of its granular detail and its breadth.

We record metrics on exposure, demographics and context for all brands in all forms of​​ entertainment.

This allows our clients to not only have a forensic​ understanding of how they are portrayed​ but to understand how they compare to competitors.


Check out our analysis of product placement throughout entertainment. 

product placement in 2020 Oscars Best Picture nominees – 92nd Academy Awards

Concave Brand Tracking looks at the product placements in the nine movies nominated for the Best Picture for the 2020 Oscars.

Top 10 brands in FIGHT CLUB (1999)

To celebrate 20 years since FIGHT CLUB’s release, Concave looks at all the brands that appeared in the movie, and the value of these product placements. To celebrate 20 years since FIGHT CLUB’s release, Concave looks at all the brands that appeared in the movie, and the value of these product placements.

top brands in Stranger Things S3

Concave Brand Tracking looks at the top 10 most visible product placement brands in STRANGER THINGS season 3 and their advertising value in the show.

Concave Brand Tracking’s valuations are based on screen time, product discernibility, logo/name visibility, the cost of traditional advertising and viewership.

latest videos

Check out our latest videos analyzing brands in entertainment.

our clients

Concave Brand Tracking has been our source of Product Placement data for six years. No one comes close to the quality and value of Concave. They provide in-depth, detailed and actionable data about our TV and Film placement activities. They have saved us money and improved our program. Dominic and his team are accessible, flexible and dedicated to providing a quality service.

Gary Moore

Global Product Placement and Branded Entertainment, Dell Technologies

Movie Mogul approached Concave Brand Tracking in 2018 to incorporate them as a 3rd party product placement measurement partner for their client since 2014, Moët Hennessy, which is the champagne and spirits division of LVMH. As Moët Hennessy’s agency of record, Movie Mogul has placed its various brands in hundreds of entertainment properties. Concave in turn has valued millions of dollars of exposure that these placements have generated. The program was developed to fit all parties’ goals, timelines and budgets. It involves a monthly delivery to both the agency and the brand that details valuations across music, TV, and film using clips provided by Movie Mogul. Each data delivery includes not only new valuations but also updated ones as the content continues to be consumed by larger and larger audiences in perpetuity. We have since recommended​ Concave’s product placement valuation services to multiple other global clients that we represent.

Deborah Harpur

President, Movie Mogul

Concave Brand tracking provided me excellent and significant data for my academic research, specifically in recording​ brands’ product​ placement presence in music videos. Accuracy is a must in academic research and this is exactly what you will get from Concave. In addition, they are always available to reply to ​any questions, to provide you more information, to give you advices on​ different points and to help in any problem that you can face interpreting the data. I thoroughly recommend this company.

Cande Sánchez-Olmos

Assistant Professor, University of Alicante