About us

About us

Dominic Artzrouni, founder & director of Concave Brand tracking the world's leading product placement market research company.

Concave Brand Tracking is a UK-based company, founded in 2013 by Dominic Artzrouni.

Following a career in data management and market research, Dominic combined this previous experience with a passion for entertainment to envision a holistic data approach to product placement.

As such, Concave’s methodology and entire business model are based on the idea that beyond wanting to have in-depth metrics on their own presence in entertainment, brands want to know how they compare to their competitors and fit into the broader landscape of entertainment marketing.

Today, Concave analyses thousands of brands across hundreds of movies, TV shows and videos every year and its data is used by some of the biggest brands in the world as well as academic institutions and countless news outlets.

our data is used by various brands, agencies and academic institutions

and our insights have been published in an array of news outlets