Why Concave

Why Concave

As the only market research company exclusively dedicated to analyzing​ product placement, Concave Brand Tracking offers an unrivaled​ level of expertise and flexibility.


Our services range from single-movie product placement valuations to comprehensive work programs across all forms of entertainment and looking at various competitors. Either way, we work closely with each client to best fulfill their data needs.


Here are just a few of the services our clients get access to:

access to Concave’s historic database going back to 2003

Our historic data gives clients the option of observing long term trends of both their and their competitors’​ brands as well as comparing present placement to past ones.​​

access to Concave’s syndicated movie and TV database

Concave collects data on all recognizable brands in the top 100 movies at the US box office every year as well as an array of US TV Shows. This is how we already have data on over 8000 brands

$ valuation of all placement using our transparent and actionable in-house model

We have developed an in-house model to assign a dollar value to any placement in any form of entertainment. This is done by taking into account how visible a brand is in a given property, how many people will see it and the cost of traditional advertising.

Unlike other product placement data providers, Concave is totally transparent about how the various metrics affect the final valuation. This means our clients truly understand how their placements are generating value and can use these figures in hierarchical reporting.

market share data

As Concave collects syndicated data, we are able to show our clients where they stand in broader in product placement landscape. 

We can determine all the value generated for a particular product category and, as such, show what percentage of this was captured by any given brand.

demographics analysis of brand users in entertainment

In our syndicated data collection, we record which actors are associated with brands. By linking this to their demographics info we can determine amazing macro statistics like the average age of all the actors associated with a brand or the gender breakdown.