Why Concave

Concave Brand Tracking is the first company to give Brands an objective, statistical and highly actionable view of exactly how they and their competitors are portrayed in entertainment.


This is done based on a unique and meticulously precise methodology which results in large amounts of highly detailed information. We then compile this data into concise reports for our clients.


Our unique Brand tracking methodology results in a clear view of the 3 main aspects of Brands in entertainment: Brand exposure, Brand demographics and Brand context.


types of entertainment


We record and analyze Brands’ presence and portrayal in TV shows, movies and music videos. 


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However, our methodology is universal, and can be applied to any form of entertainment. Please contact us for any queries regarding this.


Brand exposure


Firstly, Concave shows Brands how often viewers are seeing them, and this relatively to competitors.


example: From 2003 to 2013, Ford appeared in 59 yearly top 10 US box office movies. This was more than any other car Brand. Chevrolet was in 51, Mercedes-Benz in 42 and Dodge in 40, to name but a few.


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Brand demographics


We also record all individuals associated with Brands, whether it be a backup dancer in a music video or a movie star in an action blockbuster.


This allows us to provide an overall view of the different demographics that Brands are associated with.


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Brand context


Concave also records how Brands are portrayed. This includes where they are shown, what they are used for and what associations are created by their overall portrayal.


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Concave takes the huge amounts of information produced from our Brand tracking and compiles it into clear, concise reports analyzing all of the above aspect of Brands’ presence and portrayal in entertainment. These are meant to communicate the insights directly to Brand managers who can then act upon then in assessing and optimizing their Branded entertainment strategy.


Do not hesitate to contact us to request a sample report.


While we have an array of standard analysis, we are always flexible to our clients requirement. We can adapt the data collected, the way it is analyzed or even the purpose of our reporting to each Brands’ unique needs. For example, our data lends itself greatly to assessing the ROI of product placement.




Concave works with global Brands to offer a truly customized Brand tracking solution for every client.  Whether you would like to do a one-off study of a particular type of entertainment, or establish a long term program that tracks Brand presence and portrayal across multiple types of entertainment, Concave can help you.


If our work might interest you, or you would simply like learn more, then please contact us at info@concavebt.com.