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most mentioned brands in 2021 films

Concave Brand Tracking ranks the most mentioned brands of the 283 we recorded in the dialogues 2021 movies.

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Concave Brand Tracking combed through the 50 most-watched movies of 2021, recording all brand mentions and appearances.

We identified over 1,200 brands. One thousand forty-three different brands appeared on screen, while 283 came up verbally for a total of 522 combined mentions.

This article looks at the most mentioned brands in 2021 movies. They will be ranked primarily by how many films in which they feature. If two brands were in the same number of movies, we then consider the total number of mentions and then the advertising value this created, if need be. This methodology favors brands in many films and excludes a brand (like Piaggio in LUCA) mentioned many times in a single movie.

#14 Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones was mentioned once in three different movies.

  • RED NOTICE: “I was in Game of Thrones!” – Ed Sheeran
  • LOVE HARD: “He’s from Game of Thrones.” – Mikaela Hoover
Game of thrones brand mentions in Red Notice with ed Sheeran and Space Jam 2 A New Legacy with Lebron James

#13 Ford

Ford was also in the dialogue of three films, once in each.

  • SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS: “At which point she revealed that she had also swiped the keys to the guy’s Mustang.” – Simu Liu
  • THE TOMORROW WAR: “Yep. Got a Bullitt Mustang parked around back, too.” – J.K. Simmons
  • YES DAY: “To the Explorer!” – Julian Lerner
Ford brand mentions in The Tomorrow war and Yes Day

Based on these mentions and Ford’s appearances on screen, it was the 5th most prominent brand in 2021 films.

#12 Google

Google was also named-dropped in three movies for a total of three mentions.

  • LOVE HARD: “Not being Google-able is the modern equivalent of driving a white, windowless van by a playground.” – Harry Shum Jr.
  • TO ALL THE BOYS: ALWAYS AND FOREVER: “You’re gonna look like a tourist who read about locals on Google.” – Madeleine Arthur

#11 Facebook

Facebook was the final brand to be mentioned once in three different films.

  • LOVE HARD: “I found out about this little soirée courtesy of Barb’s Facebook page. Hello!” – Matty Finochio
  • NOMADLAND: “I just put on Facebook Quartzsite chatter the other day” – Charlene Swankie
  • THE WHITE TIGER: “Do you have Facebook?” – Rajkummar Rao

#10 Cadillac

Cadillac had one brand mention in two movies and was in the dialogue twice of a third

  • GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE: “Yeah, it’s a Cadillac.” – Finn Wolfhard

“One morning, I go to work, and Ecto-1, our old Cadillac, is gone” – Dan Aykroyd

  • OUTSIDE THE WIRE: “I need information on a black Escalade, registration 1209.” – Michael Kelly
  • WRATH OF MAN: “Me and Sam follow in the Escalade.” – Jeffrey Donovan
Cadillac brand mentions in Ghostbusters Afterlife, Outside the wire, and Wrath of Man

#9 Uber

Uber got three mentions in LOVE HARD and one in two other films.

  • LOVE HARD: “I’ll get a different Uber. Thanks.” – Nina Dobrev

“I’m the only Uber in town.” – Fletcher Donovan

“I’ll call you an Uber, they’re close” – Jimmy O. Yang

  • THE GUILTY: “Call an Uber and don’t bike drunk asshole.” – Jake Gyllenhaal
  • ESCAPE ROOM: TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS: “They gave me a hug, called me an Uber. It was a really pleasant experience.” – Holland Rode

One of its competitors, Lyft, also got mentioned in LOVE HARD and COMING 2 AMERICA.

#8 Lego

Lego appeared four times in the dialogue of HE’S ALL THAT and once in two other movies.

  • HE’S ALL THAT: “Plus, it’s near Legoland. I effing love Legoland.” – Annie Jacob

“Isn’t UCSD the one near Legoland?” – Tanner Buchanan

“Hmm, coloring books, Legos, and Swedish Helga Barbie.” – Isabella Crovetti

Lego brand mentions in He's All that and Spider-man no way home

#7 Stanford University

Stanford got a whopping 25 brand mentions in TO ALL THE BOYS: ALWAYS AND FOREVER while also being name-dropped once in DON’T LOOK UP and THUNDER FORCE.

  • TO ALL THE BOYS: ALWAYS AND FOREVER: “Fingers crossed, I get into Stanford” – Lana Condor

“Okay, all I know is I’m glad you guys are both going to Stanford next year because you are not cut out for this long-distance thing.” – Anna Cathcart

“It’s not a wedding, Covey. You’re not marrying Stanford.” – Noah Centineo

“Well, I bet Stanford offers Korean classes.” – Noah Centineo

“Ever since Peter and I made a plan to go to Stanford together, I feel like I’m waiting for our future to begin.” – Lana Condor

“I guess he heard about Stanford and wants to take me out to celebrate.” – Lana Condor

“Hey, any word yet from Stanford?” – Madeleine Arthur

“All of your safety schools are within a day’s drive from Stanford, top” – Anna Cathcart

“Lara Jean didn’t make it into Stanford.” – Anna Cathcart

“Look, Stanford is not the only college in the world.” – Janel Parrish

“I got into Stanford!”

“I didn’t get into Stanford, I still might get into Berkeley or UCLA” – Lana Condor

“My girlfriend has gotten into Stanford University today.” – Noah Centineo

“I didn’t tell Peter about Stanford.” – Lana Condor

“It isn’t Stanford, but Berkeley’s an hour away.” – Lana Condor

“You should consider giving Peter a picture of you to put up in his dorm room at Stanford.” – Madeleine Arthur

“I didn’t get into Stanford.” – Lana Condor

“It’s bullshit that you didn’t get into Stanford.” – Noah Centineo

“We get to see each other every single weekend, and then you transfer to Stanford after your freshman year.” – Noah Centineo

“Stanford and Berkeley are rivals.” – Noah Centineo

“Stanford….I wanted to go but didn’t get in” – Lana Condor

“If I keep my grades up, I can transfer to Stanford.” – Lana Condor

“We never could have done that if we were both going to Stanford.” – Noah Centineo

“So that’s it? No more Stanford.” – Noah Centineo

“I can’t say no to Stanford.” – Lana Condor

  • DON’T LOOK UP: “Look, I… I was confused and outraged that they turned this mission around too, but they’ve got Gary Talcamont from Stanford” – Leonardo DiCaprio
  • THUNDER FORCE: “First, it’s the middle of the night, and second of all, I graduated from Stanford last year.” – Taylor Mosby
Stanford brand mentions in To all the boys always and forever

This made Stanford the most mentioned school in 2021 films. Others that were in two movies included the University of California, Berkley (in TO ALL THE BOYS 3 and SHANG-CHI) and  MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (in SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME and THE TOMORROW WAR).

Based on these mentions and Stanford’s appearances on screen, it was the 49th most prominent brand in 2021 films.

#6 Star Wars

Star Wars was referenced eight times in FAST & FURIOUS 9, four times in FREE GUY, twice in COMING 2 AMERICA, and once in DON’T LOOK UP.

  • Fast & Furious 9: ”And for the record, we’re the good guys. Me? I’m Luke freaking Skywalker.” – Thue Ersted Rasmussen

“Are you sure about that? I mean, I get the daddy issues, but… Look at what you’ve built. Really? Luke?” – Charlize Theron

“You’re right. No, I’m more of a Han Solo.” – Thue Ersted Rasmussen

“No. You’re Yoda.” – Charlize Theron

“Yoda?…No. The little green guy?…Ah, shit, I’ll take it. Because he’s a powerful jedi, right?” – Thue Ersted Rasmussen

“No. Yoda’s a puppet. With someone’s hand up his ass.” – Charlize Theron

  • FREE GUY: “So, I don’t care if he’s Arnold-Frickin’-Schwarzen-Vader.” – Taika Waititi

“You chose your side, little Padawan. And now, it’s time for you to take your place next to the Emperor.” – Taika Waititi

“Yes! That’s a lightsabre, Dude.” – Jodie Corner

“Is that a lightsabre?” – Taika Waititi

  • COMING 2 AMERICA: “Listen to me, young Jedi, okay?” – Tracy Morgan
  • DON’T LOOK UP: “I finally got my, uh, Star Wars poster signed by Mark Hamill.” – Leonardo DiCaprio

Based on these mentions and Star Wars’ appearances on screen, it was the 71st most prominent brand in 2021 films.

Star Wars brand mentions in Free Guy and the eternals


Harry Potter came up twice in TO ALL THE BOYS: ALWAYS AND FOREVER and once in F9, YES DAY, AND SPACE JAM: A NEW LEGACY.

  • TO ALL THE BOYS: ALWAYS AND FOREVER: “He hates Harry Potter.” – Anna Cathcart

“Kitty promised to watch Dae’s favorite sport as long as he read Harry Potter.” – John Corbett

  • F9: “Feels like we looking for where’s Waldo in Harry Potter world.” – Ludacris
  • YES DAY: “Harry Potter’s an orphan. There are no happy books.” – Naomi Ekperigin

#4 YouTube

YouTube had six brand mentions in THE MITCHELLS VS. THE MACHINES, three in ARMY OF THIEVES, and one in both FREE GUY and YES DAY. Other notable websites/apps that were in two films included Twitch (DON’T LOOK UP and FREE GUY), Venmo (SHANG-CHI and HE’S ALL THAT), Twitter (SPACE JAM 2 and HE’S ALL THAT), and Spotify (TO ALL THE BOYS 3 and COMING 2 AMERICA).

  • THE MITCHELLS VS. THE MACHINES: “My dad kind of reminds me of that YouTube video

of the screaming gibbon monkey.” – Abbi Jacobson

“YouTube. Wow.” – Eric André

“Type in “”!” – Maya Rudolph

“YubTub. No! YouTube. Okay.” – Danny McBride

“Hey, Dad, you subscribed to my YouTube channel?” – Abbi Jacobson

“I got on that, uh, YouTube.” – Danny McBride

  • ARMY OF THIEVES: “You were my one view on YouTube, weren’t you?” – Matthias Schweighöfer

“This guy’s been living alone in Germany making shitty YouTube videos.” – Jonathan Cohen

“They found him like this, through YouTube” – Jonathan Cohen

  • FREE GUY: “People are so busy watching this loser on Twitch and YouTube.” – Taika Waititi
  • YES DAY: “It’ll probably get uploaded to YouTube. Then I’ll just be the viral psycho mom.” – Jennifer Garner
Youtube brand mentions in Army of Thieves and Free Guy

Based on these mentions and Youtube’s appearances on screen, it was the 32nd most prominent brand in 2021 films.

#3 Apple

Apple was referenced a single time in five different films.

  • RED NOTICE: “We’re gonna need his thumbprint ’cause he never upgraded his iPhone” – Ryan Reynolds
  • YES DAY: “That means no cell phones, no laptops, no iPads, nada.” – Jenna Ortega
  • LOVE HARD: “Put in your AirPods, and put on some music.” – Jimmy O. Yang
  • ETERNALS: “You know, what you need is a Kindle. Do you know what that is? It’s like a… You know, I just realized that if you don’t know what an iPad is” – Kumail Nanjiani
Apple brand mentions in Red Notice and love hard

Based on these mentions and Apple’s appearances on screen, it was the 3rd most prominent brand in 2021 films.

#2 Instagram

Instagram had two brand mentions in both RED NOTICE and THE MITCHELLS VS. THE MACHINES. It was also in the dialogue of FATHERHOOD, LOVE HARD, and COMNG 2 AMERICA.

  • RED NOTICE: “Your Instagram account?” – Ryan Reynolds

“She sent me to the only place on Earth that actually is worse than her Instagram account.” – Ryan Reynolds

  • THE MITCHELLS VS. THE MACHINES: “Oh. I saw you were on vacation on Instagram.” – Maya Rudolph

“You’ve inspired me to follow you on Instagram.” – Chrissy Teigen

  • FATHERHOOD: “Uh, I’ll post pictures on my Instagram all the time.” – Kevin Hart
  • LOVE HARD: “Not Instagram models who count carbs.” – Jimmy O. Yang
  • COMING 2 AMERICA: “I got to get some shots for the Gram.” – Leslie Jones
Instagram brand mentions in The Mitchells vs the machines and Coming 2 America

Based on these mentions and Instagram’s appearances on screen, it was the 79th most prominent brand in 2021 films.

#1 Amazon

With five mentions in NOMADLAND as well as coming up in RED NOTICE, THE TOMORROW WAR, THE MITCHELLS VS. THE MACHINES, and ETERNALS, Amazon was the most mentioned brand in 2021 movies.

NOMADLAND: “I’m on the Amazon CamperForce list.” – Frances McDormand

“Are you working at Amazon again?”

“I just finished Amazon yesterday.” – Frances McDormand

“Amazon pays through Thursday.”

“I’m gonna do Amazon again soon, I will be able to pay you back.” – Frances McDormand

RED NOTICE: “They’re always watching, always listening. Kinda like Alexa but with guns.” – Ryan Reynolds

THE TOMORROW WAR: “Wallace Technology… we’re the Amazon of earth sciences.” – Sam Richardson

THE MITCHELLS VS. THE MACHINES: “I accidentally ordered 12 Swiffers on Amazon!” – Danny McBride

ETERNALS: “You know, what you need is a Kindle.” – Kumail Nanjiani

Based on these mentions and Amazon’s appearances on screen, it was the 75th most prominent brand in 2021 films.

amazon brand mentions in nomadland

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